Finding the dirt

Now that I had the spot and the plants I needed to get some magic dirt so Yellow and Mello would grow huge.  After driving out to Sticky Fingers Farms I meet with head grower John and learned all about growing.  Here what I learned: water the plants in the mornings.  Everything else he told [...]

Finding the Plants

Now that I had my spot it was time to get my clones. I was hanging with my buddy Charlies, who makes the best sandwiches in all Portland, who owns Charlie’s Deli and their website is – I should get free sandwiches for all the promo I do for you). We were trying to [...]

Finding the Spot!

So I was having my normal Thursday lunch with my dad last month and was telling him how I was thinking about getting some clones to grow at my house.  I’ve never grown cannabis before and have never been able to keep any plant, that wasn’t in the cactus family, alive for more than a [...]