Farma is a network of licensed growers, botanical scientists and patients bound by a common purpose: To provide predictable and effective medicine that enhances people’s lives. Willamette Week’s winner of “Best Dispensary” and “Best Budtender” of 2015, Farma is a beautiful location for cutting edge quality and service.

The science behind it:

Weed isn’t about calling your 4 dealers, waiting 3 hours for one to show up only to receive a sack of shwag anymore. As we learn more and more about the many properties of this plant, the greater the possibilities become. And these guys are in that realm of going above and beyond to push the future of marijuana to a reputable level.

Along with assisting companies in the pursuit of creating superior products that are consistent and free of harmful solvents, Farma subjects all of their medicine to rigorous lab testing beyond what they’re required  by law by working with an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified Oregon laboratory that tests not only for pesticides, mold and mildew, but for all of the known therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant, including dozens of active cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes.

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Contact Info:

(503) 206-4357