Green Oasis is committed to providing people with safe access to high quality, organically grown medicine. Since these guys are all about your comfort and easy access to the best products and prices in Portland they have opened not 1 or 2 locations, but 3 to ensure those seeking a great product can easily find it.

Something special to mention is their unique cannabis canning technology. Think of a can of tuna filled with marijuana instead. N2 Packaging LLC seals and preserves marijuana in cans using nitrogen, claiming the product has a longer shelf life. The cans are also better for storage, transportation and tracking. Availability is limited so make sure to check their stock.

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Contact Info:

SE Tacoma St. (Sellwood): 503-206-7266

NE Cully Blvd.: 971-200-5552

N Center St. (Jantzen Beach): 503-278-4560