Ice Bong Sculping

August 26th at 11:00am  /  $29 per person

James Stugart – Ice Artist

  • James Stugart received his first World Ice Art Championships gold medal at the age of 19.
  • He has been carving ice since 2002.
  • In addition to carving ice, James graduated with honors at the University of Alaska.
James ice carving

Ice Blocks

ice blocks
  • Ice sculptures last around 6-8 hours in 70 degree temperatures.
  • Ice blocks made using a Clinebell Ice Block Maker.
  • It takes us about 4 days to freeze an ice block, with careful daily monitoring to ensure good quality.

Ice Carving Classes

  • ICEovation offers ice carving workshops!
  • Learn how to carve a themed ice sculpture, step-by-step using various chisels and hand tools.
  • Visit the Iceovation website for upcoming classes.
Ice bong cannabis event

High 5 Tours and Iceovation partnered to bring you Ice Bong Carving every month.

$29 per person

Watch James carve an Ice Bong at his studio