Oregon Cannabis Edibles:  What they are and where to find them!

When most people hear edibles they think of the pot brownies someone made in college and how high everyone got(Sorry Sarah!).  These days you have a wide selection of edibles to choose from cookies, to mints, to beverages and much much more.  They range in potency from 5mg to 50mg, the recommended dose for a first time edibles user is 5mg and wait 30 minutes before taking any more.  Follow along in these 24 part series(probably will only do two part) on Oregon Cannabis Edibles.

Types of Edibles


Chocolate Edibles

Serra Moonstuck Chocolate




Baked Goods

Cookies, Brownies, Cakeballs

Elbes Edibles

She Don’t Know


Gummies, mints, hard candies
Moley’s Mints

Wyld Gummies