Purveyors of Quality Drugs

Serra, Modern Druggist. A truly unique cannabis experience. Modern architecture and design make for the perfect setting to bring cannabis out of its dark ages.

Upon entering, (and after the routine ID check), “docents” are available to assist you with your purchase from start to finish. Serra has created a unique shopping experience based on 6 universal categories of “feelings.” All the flower is on display with information about the grower, cannabinoid levels, and most importantly the desired overall “feeling.” It’s extremely intuitive and makes choosing a strain less of a headache.

Featured Farms:

Serra also provides a wide array of concentrates, edibles, and topicals, from the finest producers in the area. Featured companies include:

Featured Processors:

As has become modern practice, Serra offers wonderful local art and accessories for all your cannabis needs. From one-of-a-kind ceramic chillums and bongs to wooden joint rollers, they’ve got you covered. They also have one of those wooden joint rollers out on the floor, and their docents are happy to roll up any flower you purchase!


Portland – Downtown

Portland – SE Belmont