Sex & Cannabis – ON A BUS!

Portland was voted one of the most 420 friendly cities in the world, the most promiscuous city in America, and has more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the country. What could possibly make Portland sexier? Turns out, it’s this tour: Sex & Cannabis – ON A BUS! Join sex educator, Amory Jane, for a 4 hour experience you won’t soon forget.

Best Valentine’s date night ever? Probably. Hate Valentine’s Day but love pot and sex? That’s cool too. This tour is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship structures. 

This special High 5 Tour includes: 

  • Shopping at Amory Jane’s favorite local dispensary (coupons included)

  • A guided visit to She Bop, a woman-owned sex toy boutique!

  • A workshop on Sex & Cannabis – taught on the Yellow Pot Bus!
  • Admission-free strip club adventures (don’t forget to bring your tipping $$)!

Jayne PDX

From decreasing pain, to increasing sensitivity and arousal, to helping with relaxation and body image, using cannabis has helped many people enhance their sexual experiences. In her workshop, Amory Jane will teach you the wonderful ways of weed and sex with simple science and entertaining anecdotes. She’ll share the current research on cannabis use in the bedroom, talk about differences between THC and CBD for sexual issues, and offer advice on which strains may work best for sexy situations. She’ll also discuss the ins and outs of consent and kink on cannabis before teaching you a quick strip club etiquette lesson. Then she’ll send you off on your freshly educated way to visit Portland’s hottest clubs.

sex and cannabis

Fridays 7-11PM  /  $99 per person