Rob S

Took a tour on 9/29/16 - excellent! Great exposure to the details of just what is out there. Tour guide Sam was not only a great "host", his knowledge about various aspects of the marijuana business was interesting and knowing the right places to go learn! Each stop ( two dispensaries, one glass house ) [...]

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Dave M

Great experience.  My wife and I are from the East Coast and High 5 Tours was a perfect way to get acquainted to the Cannabis scene in Portland.

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April O

We took a tour with High 5 yesterday for a friend's birthday. He chose the chose your own adventure tour, so we chose 4 stops to take along the way. Sam (who's fucking amazing, by the way) helped him chose the perfect adventure for his big day. We ended up going to sticky fingers grow, [...]

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Stuart L

I recently rode the High 5 Tour bus with a group of friends. The bus is terrific--very comfortable and well equipped for a fun experience. We toured the Portland Farmers Market with Charlie from Charlie's Deli, then went to his restaurant for a lunch prepared from fresh market foods. A great time was had by [...]

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Marcia K

What a blast! Just returned from the Market to Table lunch..Such a unique, fun outing. The bus is terrific and perfect for special parties.  Chef Charlie was informative and entertaining. It was a great day, enjoyed with friends and family. I would definitely recommend it.

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Maribel V

Suuuuuuper FUN! My friend and I planned a trip to Portland and see what the big deal is about these "weed tours". I couldn't have been more pleased with the decision! You really, really walk away appreciating how ludicrous marijuana prohibition is, especially after seeing how well organized, professional and thoughtful the folks in the [...]

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