Background on the Case

Former MI-6 Spy Christopher Steele prepared the Trump dossier about his ties to Russia and some videos tapes they have of him.  Once the public became aware of the dossier and its explosive content Mr. Steele went into hiding for fear of retribution from Trump and Putin.

Lucky for you High 5 has been able to obtain clues as to Mr Steele’s whereabouts and future plans.  Here is what we know so far:

Mr. Steele is a daily cannabis user so we suspect he will be hiding out in cannabis-friendly countries.

He prefers indica over sativa strains

He follows High 5 on twitter and has an active twitter account.

There are additional pages of the dossier about Trump that Mr Steele has kept for himself as an insurance policy.

Join the search for Mr. Steele and find him and the remaining pages of the dossier.

Where would you like to look for clues?

London, England
Madrid, Spain
Fez, Morocco